What are the issues?

There are a lot of things going on right now that need to be addressed in Olympia. Here are the main reasons I am running this fall.

Vision to the future…In this biennium, the top priority for the senate will be funding education. As a parent to elementary age students in public school, I've had firsthand exposure to this complicated topic but I believe fulfilling the McCleary obligations are possible through a sustained budget without new taxes. I want to see the education conversation shift from funding to fulfillment. Once the legislature satisfactorily meets it’s paramount duty, we can focus education efforts on best preparing our students for career and college readiness. We cannot have the conversation if we are still arguing about funding the basics! Currently Washington State is the no. 2 importer of talent for highly skilled employment. I would like to reverse this number and see more homegrown talent find satisfying and rewarding careers in the PNW, if they choose.

Mindie Wirth

Repair the present…Effective transportation solutions ensure the smooth movement of business and commerce. Currently, the transportation solutions in our neighborhoods are in desperate need of repair. With the launch of tolling on I-405, frustration levels are reaching a new height with unpredictable traffic patterns, changes in driving behaviors which push more commuters to local arterials and what has been most disappointing, the complete disregard of the voice of voters by Olympia. The suburban sprawl type communities in the 1st are not designed to be easily transported by foot, bike or mass transit. WSDOT needs to develop realistic solutions to free movement in our area. The current transportation solutions are neither effective nor adequate. If elected, I will be commuting to Olympia every day while in session, finding a real transportation solution will be a key priority!

Honor the past…While the 1st has been experiencing unprecedented growth since emerging from the Great Recession, the area also boasts a significant number of long-term residents choosing to stay well after their own families have grown. I am committed to representing the fiscally conservative principles of voters in this district without burdening residents with new taxes. Seniors and residents on a fixed income often represent our most vulnerable population when it comes to tax policy, the greatest generation has paved the road to the attractive area the 1st represents today, we should honor those that built the community we are happy to call home by ensuring it possible for them to also continue to call this area home.

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  • Christopher Fredrickson
    This website is why I’m not voting for you. You’re issues are vague, and the write-ups are unintelligent. Your inability to create an adequate website in 2016 demonstrates your inability and lack of qualifications to hold public office.
  • Troy Kasper
    HOW? Unless you stop development, traffic isn’t going to get better.
  • Walt Harrison Jr
    My wife Karen and I are enthusiastic about supporting a conservative candidate in the 1st district, we are happy to read about your fiscal conservative views, but we were concerned when we discovered that you were unwilling to fill out the NRA candidate questionnaire. We would certainly like to know what your position on the 2nd amendment and other social conservative issues is.
    Walt Harrison Jr
  • Judy Hedreen
    With respect, it would be more helpful to give specific ideas for solving the above problems, rather than a vague summary statement. What are your ideas for HOW to solve these problems.
  • Mindie Wirth