A Final Word

Friends, Family, and Supporters,

I want to offer a very heartfelt THANK YOU for making the last 6 months truly unforgettable. After arriving on the scene with virtually no political experience and little name ID, you all so graciously and enthusiastically embraced my candidacy and helped make this run a wonderful experience.

To all of the new friends and supporters that I’ve met since announcing; thank you for taking the time to get to know me, to share your hopes and concerns for our district, volunteering for the campaign and ultimately trusting me with your vote for this office. I cannot tell you how much inspiration I received from total strangers that offered an enthusiastic handshake, hug or a prayer at their doorstep.


To my “old” friends and family who may or may not walk the same political lines; thank you for your love and support regardless. For the hours of volunteering at various campaign events and the tireless ground game you played on my behalf. For some of you this even included taking a hit yourself in the simple act of supporting my candidacy. Thank you for your courage.


To my campaign team Nathan and Brett; thank you for the many hours of work and sleepless nights on my behalf (I know because I’d get emails or texts at all hours) we pushed to the very end and I have every confidence that we left nothing on the table.


To my parents Doug and Patti; thank you for being there for our family and literally doing everything you could to help the effort. We have a saying in our house that if we need my parents help for something we need to “call to the bullpen” we called to the bullpen a lot these last few months. You are amazing.


To Johnny, Lauren, Charlotte and Nicolas. Thank you for your incredible sacrifice. I’ve said while stumping (and I am sure I’m not the first) when a person is called to serve, their family is called to sacrifice. Not only did we literally put our lives on hold since last spring, you all gave so much to help the campaign; whether it was putting up hundreds of signs, doorbelling in unrelenting rain and the many evenings and weekends spent waiting for mom to come home. I love you more than words could express.


While the outcome is not what we would have hoped for, I hope that you are not discouraged. If this process has reminded us of anything, it is that change can only possibly occur if we first chose to get involved – and I hope that all of you find ways to stay involved and continue to make a positive difference in our community.


In everything you do; be honest, stay true to your core principles, and treat everyone with respect.


Warm Regards, 

Mindie Wirth

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